Esgar: Steel Layoffs ‘Another Huge Loss for Pueblo’

(March 18) – Reacting to the news that EVRAZ has announced the temporary layoff of 450 workers, Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo, said today that she is working on action to support Colorado workers.
“This is another huge loss for Pueblo,” said Rep. Esgar. “Our community will be hit hard by the loss of these 450 jobs. I’m very concerned about the damage imported steel has caused to the industry and the southern Colorado economy. I remind my colleagues at the Capitol every day that the economic recovery hasn’t reached every Colorado family and I am continuing my efforts to support good jobs in Colorado.”
On Thursday, EVRAZ announced the layoff of 450 employees for at least two to three weeks. The company cites a downturn in the market and the continued high level of imported steel. The announcement comes on the heels of 70 layoffs earlier this month and 200 idled employees last year.

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