Esgar’s Birth Certificate Modernization Act Passes the House

(Feb 27) – The House passed Rep. Daneya Esgar’s Birth Certificate Modernization Act on a bipartisan vote of 37-27 today. This legislation would make the process less strenuous for
transgender Coloradans trying to update the gender on their birth certificate.

“Not having an updated birth certificate interferes with the ability of transgender Coloradans to live their lives openly and honestly and to provide for themselves,” said Rep. Esgar, D-Pueblo. “This important bill will ensure every transgender Coloradan is treated with the dignity, fairness and respect that they deserve.”

Transgender people whose birth certificates reflect their sex at birth – and not their current gender – risk being denied housing, employment opportunities and the right to vote because of this discrepancy. Transgender people also have higher rates of suicide and are victims of violent crime and bullying at much higher rates than the general population. The bill will help remove one of the hurdles they face as they undergo their transition.

The bill would match Colorado’s law to the current federal policy for changing the gender on a passport or Social Security card.

HB18-1046 now goes to the Senate.

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