Exec. Committee Approves Interim Workplace Harassment Policy 

(Nov. 8) – Members of the bipartisan Executive Committee unanimously approved a new Interim Workplace Harassment Policy recommended by the Legislative Workplace Interim Study Committee today. This is the first step towards a reformed process recommended by the bipartisan committee to improve the culture at the Capitol and the process for resolving workplace harassment issues. 
“Taking politics out of the process, protecting victim confidentiality, and establishing a more clear and fair process were our top priorities.” said Speaker Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, who chaired the interim committee. “I’m proud we worked in a bipartisan manner and thank my colleagues for their efforts throughout this interim. I couldn’t be prouder that we are leaving the legislature in a better position than we found it. There is more work to do to address the culture of the Capitol head on.” 
“I thank members of the interim committee for their bipartisan work,” said Majority Leader, KC Becker. “The Capitol must be a place where everyone feels safe and respected, and we will continue to focus on reforming the culture of the capitol and implementing needed changes during the upcoming legislative session.” 

The interim committee’s full recommendations outline the structure of a new process for handling workplace issues and building a more robust system for improving the culture, including establishing an Office of Legislative Workplace Relations, formalizing training requirements for legislators and employees, and creating a “workplace expectations” policy with guidelines and aspirational goals for all that work at the Capitol. The full series of recommendations from the interim committee will have to be considered in the upcoming legislative session. 

More information about the Workplace Interim Study committee and the hearings the committee held can be found here

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