Expanding the Search for Wildfire Solutions

(May 1) – The House gave final legislative approval today to expand the search for ways to mitigate the impact of wildfires in Colorado.

SB13-082, sponsored by Rep. Claire Levy (D-Boulder) and Sens. Jeanne Nicholson (D-Black Hawk) and Ellen Roberts (R-Durango), creates a permanent interim committee to consider issues surrounding wildfires. The bill is a product of their work together on the Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission, which met over the interim to address issues arising from a Jefferson County prescribed burn that went out of control last year, taking two lives and destroying two dozen homes.

“We’re passing this bill on a snowy day, which is a good omen for wildfire mitigation,” Rep. Levy said. “But we know that 2012 was Colorado’s worst year ever for wildfires, and we know they will be a perennial threat. We have to seek ways to minimize their impact.”

The bill passed 54-10.

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