Exum Trifecta

(April 26) – Three bills sponsored by Rep. Tony Exum Sr. won the House’s voice-vote approval tonight.

HB18-1316, sponsored by Reps. Exum, D-Colorado Springs, and Dan Pabon, D-Denver, continues the WORK Act, first sponsored by Rep. Pabon in 2015 and now recognized as one of the best workforce development programs in the country. The program addresses the lack of public awareness of the good jobs that are out there in certain industries and of the programs that will help Colorado workers gain the skills needed to get those jobs.

“The original WORK Act has connected thousands of Coloradans to good careers,” Rep. Exum said. “I’m happy to have worked with Rep. Pabon to keep a good thing going.”

Also passing tonight was HB18-1393, Rep. Exum’s bill with Rep. Millie Hamner, D-Dillon, to amend the READ Act, Rep. Hamner’s 2012 bill to fund early reading programs and assist school districts in helping students with reading deficiencies. The bill makes some adjustments to expand approaches that are producing the biggest impact for struggling readers.

“This program has cut literacy problems in half,” Rep. Exum said. “Assuring that kids can read gives them a fighting chance for later in life.”

The third Exum bill to pass tonight was HB18-1380, which makes adjustments for inflation to grants to the lowest-income Coloradans for property taxes, rent assistance and heating bill assistance, and indexes those grants for future inflation.

“This program puts a roof over the heads of some of the neediest Coloradans, and on the coldest nights it is literally a lifesaver,” Rep. Exum said.

After recorded votes, all three bills are headed to the state Senate.

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