Ferrandino Announces New Committee Assignments

(Dec. 3) – Setting his lineup for the 2014 legislative session, Speaker Mark Ferrandino announced a series of new committee assignments today.

The House’s newest member, Rep. KC Becker (D-Boulder), was appointed to the Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources Committee and the Finance Committee. On Ag she replaces Rep. Paul Rosenthal (D-Denver), who moves over to the Local Government Committee. On Finance she replaces Rep. Jenise May (D-Aurora), who earlier was appointed to the Joint Budget Committee and the Appropriations Committee to fill openings left by the departure of former Rep. Claire Levy.

Rep. May’s other committee seat, on Public Health Care & Human Services, was filled by Rep. Joann Ginal (D-Fort Collins). Rep. Ginal also gains a seat on the Transportation & Energy Committee, replacing Rep. Dianne Primavera (D-Broomfield), and leaves the Local Government Committee to make way for Rep. Rosenthal.

Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont) gains a seat on the Health, Insurance & Environment Committee, replacing Rep. Dave Young (D-Greeley).

The Democratic membership in Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development; Education; Judiciary; and State, Veterans & Military Affairs were unchanged.

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