Final Passage for Exum’s Renters’ Rights Bill

(March 9) – Rep. Tony Exum Sr.’s bill to protect renters from being cheated by unscrupulous landlords – and vice versa — completed its journey through the state legislature today.

SB18-010 passed the House today on a 38-20 vote. The bill requires a landlord to provide a tenant with receipts whenever rent is paid with cash or money order, and whenever the tenant requests it. Landlords are also required to give tenants copies of any written lease agreement.

“When transactions are recorded and documented we reduce landlord-tenant disputes,” said Rep. Exum, D-Colorado Springs. “Tenants will have the ability to show that yes, they actually did pay their rent, and both parties will have a ready reference as to what constitutes a lease violation.”

SB18-010 is headed to the desk of Gov. John Hickenlooper for his signature.


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