First Flood Recovery Bill Passes House

(Jan. 23) – The House of Representatives passed a bill from the Flood Disaster Study Committee today with a 55-5 bipartisan vote. The bill, which is sponsored by Rep. Mike Foote (D-Lafayette) and Rep. Stephen Humphrey (R-Severance), will change how emergency management functions are administered after a natural disaster.

Currently, the Governor can only provide financial assistance to affected communities if the President has declared a natural disaster. HB14-1004 gives the Governor the ability to declare a natural disaster and provide financial assistance without waiting for a declaration from the President.

“I am happy to have broad bipartisan support for this bill that will increase the state’s ability to respond to future disasters,” Rep. Foote said. “This bill will ensure the Governor has the ability to extend individual aid to all affected areas as quickly as possible.”

“I am pleased to see some good bills passed that will help citizens in our state impacted by the flooding disasters,” said Humphrey. “I am hopeful we can continue to pass much needed legislation to address the concerns of disaster victims in a bipartisan manner.”

HB14-1004 will now head to the Senate.

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