Foster Youth Drivers Ed Cruises through the House, is En Route to the Senate

DENVER, CO– The House today passed Representative Tony Exum’s bipartisan bills to give more of Colorado’s foster youth the opportunity to obtain drivers licenses. The bill passed by a vote of 61-2.

“Driving is a rite of passage and a liberating experience for most of Colorado’s teens, and today we voted to ensure foster youth aren’t left out,” said Transportation and Local Government Chair Rep Exum Sr., D-Colorado Springs. “Making sure foster kids drive safely and are able to obtain their first drivers licenses will help get them on the road to success. I remain committed to doing everything I can to level the playing field for foster youth in Colorado.” 

HB21-1084 takes several steps to help foster youth in Colorado learn to drive and obtain drivers licenses. It would ensure that counties are reimbursed for the cost of sending foster youth aged 15 to 21 to driver’s education courses and would remove legal barriers preventing counties and foster youth advocates from teaching foster youth how to drive. Finally, it eases requirements on the types of documentation foster youth must provide when applying for a driver permit or license.