Full Speed Ahead for Self-Driving Cars in Colorado

(June 1) – Gov. John Hickenlooper this morning signed a bill by Reps. Faith Winter and Jeff Bridges to make Colorado one of the first states in the nation to pass a driverless car law.

“This bill acknowledges that driverless cars are fast approaching and will ensure we have a strong Colorado economy and safety on our roads,” said Rep. Bridges. “It promotes core Colorado values of opportunity, independence, and responsibility by bringing jobs and innovation to our state while protecting public safety.”

“Last year 605 people died on Colorado highways—there were over two million crashes and 90 percent of those were from human error,” said Rep. Winter. “And autonomous vehicles can’t drive drunk, they can’t drive distracted, and they can’t drive when they’re tired. This is a law that sets the framework to increase safety on our roads and encourage innovation in a growing field.”

SB17-213 recognizes and defines autonomous vehicles in statute and declares that autonomous vehicles must follow the same laws as every other car on the road. It also gives clear authority to the

Colorado Department of Transportation and State Patrol to authorize testing to ensure autonomous vehicles can follow all state and federal laws.

Studies show that autonomous vehicles have the potential to decrease traffic and increase safety. They also promise to provide new mobility options for elderly and disabled Coloradans and have the potential to increase capacity on Colorado roads.


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