Garnett’s Living Donor Support Act Signed by Governor

(May 16) – Today, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Assistant Majority Leader Alec Garnett’s bill, the “Living Donor Support Act,” to help people who want to donate an organ to save a life, but who don’t have the ability to take time off from work to recover. 

“We take care of each other in Colorado. No one who donates an organ to help save another’s life should face a financial or professional set back,” said Rep. Garnett, D-Denver. “This bill will promote life-saving donations and provide incentives for companies to help employees who are willing to donate. I thank Dave Repsher for bringing this important issue to the legislature’s attention.” 

HB18-1202, which will go into effect on August 8, allows companies to claim a tax credit if they provide paid leave for employees who decide to donate an organ to help another individual. 

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