Ginal Rides Again 

(Feb. 14) – A bill to make several necessary improvements to the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program passed the House today by a vote of 52 to 12.

HB13-1083, sponsored by Rep. Joann Ginal (D-Fort Collins), will make changes to the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) Program. A 2011 audit recommended significant changes to the MOST program. CDOT was able to make many of these changes within the department but further changes needed legislative action.

“Motorcyclists are four times more likely to die in a crash than other motorists, so we need to do everything we can to improve the motorcycle safety training program,” Rep. Ginal said.

This bill places a prohibition on the use of MOST dollars by vendors for capital business expenses such as motorcycles, helmets, etc. This bill will also create an advisory and oversight committee, require an annual report to the General Assembly on the program’s success and metrics and place a repeal date on the program so the legislature will be required to evaluate the program’s performance and decide if it’s worth continuing.

“These changes will improve the program and help motorcyclists have the skills they need to be the safest operators, which will ultimately save lives,” Rep. Ginal said.

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