Goal! Adding Accountability to State Climate Plan Passes First Test

(May 4) – A bill by Rep. Jeni Arndt and Rep. Faith Winter to add measurable goals to the state climate action plan passed the Health, Insurance & Environment Committee on a party-line vote this afternoon.

“Colorado already has a Climate Action Plan, but right now we have no guiding goals,” said Rep. Arndt, D-Fort Collins. “We need to put goals in place and make them aggressive so that we can protect our state’s economy, climate and health. Fort Collins has the most aggressive action plan in the nation and has shown that clean energy and attending to climate change attracts business, spurs innovation and stimulates economic activity. It’s time for the state to act as well.”

Rep. Arndt pointed out that Fort Collins has a 2.2 percent unemployment rate, demonstrating that aggressive climate goals and a vibrant business community go hand in hand.

“Climate change affects every corner of our state— from agriculture, growing seasons and forest fires, to fewer ski days and the health of our communities,” said Rep. Winter, D-Westminster. “We should be proactively taking action. Adding goals creates accountability so that we can hold ourselves to a higher standard and make sure our plan is working.”

HB17-1366 requires the state’s climate action plan to include goals to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions or increase our ability to respond to the effects of climate change. This crucial step will help Colorado do its fair share to combat climate change and push the state to be a leader in environmental protection.

The 6-5 vote sends the bill to the House floor.

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