Green Bills Pass House

(March 27) – Two bills promoting alternative technology and energy passed on the House Floor today.

HB13-1105, sponsored by Reps. Mike Foote (D-Lafayette) and Max Tyler (D-Lakewood), would create a voluntary program designed to create consumer demand for energy efficiency improvements within Colorado’s housing market by offering short-term incentives for high-performing new homes and energy retrofits of existing homes. The bill passed the House today by a vote of 36 to 26.

“This voluntary program will help promote energy efficiency, which is helpful to consumers and our environment,” Rep. Foote said.

The program would use existing funds to administer the program. Lenders opting to participate would match any state funds at a one to one ratio.

“This program will help drive the market for energy efficient homes in Colorado and provide lower energy costs for those who take advantage of it,” Rep. Tyler said.

SB13-126, sponsored in the House by Rep. Crisanta Duran (D-Denver), passed on second reading today. It requires HOAs and apartments to allow an owner or tenant to access an electrical outlet or install electric vehicle charging equipment at their own expense.

“This bill will remove unreasonable restrictions on the ability of an owner of an electric vehicle to charge their vehicle at home,” Rep. Duran said.

The owner or tenant can be charged by the HOA or apartment owner for the cost of the electricity and for any increase in an insurance policy for the building. In addition, the bill will make HOAs and apartment owners eligible to apply for grants for electric charging stations from the Electric Vehicle Grant fund.

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