Hansen-Herod Net Neutrality Bill Moves Forward

(April 11) – Legislation by Rep. Chris Hansen and Rep. Leslie Herod to protect net neutrality, safeguard tax payer money, and ensure that an open and free internet is accessible to Coloradans, consumers, small businesses and entrepreneurs was approved by the State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee today by a vote of 6-3.

“The decision by the Trump administration to end net neutrality protections has left it to states to protect their citizens” said Rep. Hansen, D-Denver. “Our bill takes the scalpel approach for state level action by preventing tax payer dollars from being used to support throttled or blocked internet service.”

Last year, the Trump administration rolled back Obama-era rules ensuring a free and open internet. Washington state, Montana and most recently Oregon all passed legislation or have taken other steps to protect net neutrality.

“The internet is an indispensable part of our lives. It is imperative that the internet remains open for consumers, innovators and businesses,” said Rep. Herod, D-Denver. “Our bill adheres to Colorado values of transparency and equality for all.”

HB18-1312 would ensure that:
● telecommunication companies in Colorado that use taxpayer money to provide services
cannot charge additional access fees to consumers, or fees to websites to ensure faster
● companies that receive Broadband Support Mechanism assistance as directed by SB18-002 must provide net neutral service.
● state contracting will prefer internet service providers that deliver net neutrality.

HB18-1312 now goes to the House floor.

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