Hansen & Rankin Announce Inaugural Class of Colorado Science & Engineering Policy Fellows

(March 13) – Representatives Chris Hansen, D-Denver and Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale are pleased to announce the inaugural class of Colorado Science and Engineering Policy Fellows. Thirteen young Coloradans will participate in the program, to be held between May and July 2018. Their interests range from water management and wind power generation and air quality, to homelessness as an environmental issue. 

The Fellowship will provide an opportunity for the fellows to contribute their expertise to these policy problems while simultaneously learning about how science and engineering can inform the policy-making process.

“We are excited to launch this collaboration between members of the Colorado legislature and Colorado’s top institutions of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning and build a program with lasting positive impact for the students and the legislative process,” Hansen and Rankin said. 

The first class of fellows is:

Colorado School of Mines
Morgan Bergstrom (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, 2019), Alexis Denhard (Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 2021), and Cecilia Nepple (Chemical Engineering, 2021) 

University of Colorado – Boulder
Shu-Yu (Michelle) Lin (Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Physics, 2021) and Sage Sherman (Aerospace Engineering Sciences, 2018)

Colorado State University
Lindsay Burton (BS Biosystems Engineering, MS Natural Resource Stewardship, 2018), Zitely Sosa (PhD candidate in Atmospheric Science), and Wendell Stainsby (Environmental Engineering, 2018) 

University of Denver
Rafael Rodrigues (PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering)

Metropolitan State University
Michael May (Sustainable Systems Engineering, 2018), Adam Garnhart (Sustainable Systems Engineering, 2018), Joshua Kenning (Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2018) 

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