Herod Responds to Latest GOP Effort to Weaken CCRD

(April 19) – Rep. Leslie Herod said today that she shares concerns about a continuing Republican effort to weaken the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Rep. Herod, D-Denver, is a prime sponsor, with Speaker Crisanta Duran, of HB18-1256, a bill to continue the CCRD, a resource for individuals who face discrimination, including Coloradans of color, LGBTQ individuals, women and seniors, helping them access justice without having to file expensive lawsuits.

Senate Republicans amended the bill to weaken the agency, and the bill will have to come back to the House for its concurrence.

“I’m concerned that the proposed changes would politicize the CCRD,” Rep. Herod said.

“We shouldn’t play politics with our civil rights. We need a CCRD that is strong enough and independent enough to provide justice to Coloradans. They deserve it even if they can’t afford pricey attorneys and legal fees.”

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