Herod’s Bipartisan Bill to Protect Coloradans Selling Motor Vehicles Clears Committee

(March 8) – The House Transportation & Energy Committee unanimously approved Rep. Leslie Herod’s bill today to report the transfer of ownership from the sale of a motor vehicle. Coloradans are vulnerable to liability after the sale of a motor vehicle if the current owner fails to  register the sale with the department of revenue.

“This bill is a simple solution to a potentially disastrous situation for individuals and families. This is a problem that a Coloradan would not see coming until it lands in the form of mounting bills and liability,” said Rep. Herod, D-Denver. “I thank my colleague, Rep. Ransom for bringing this issue forward.”

This legislation creates program administered by the department of revenue that authorizes the seller of a motor vehicle to voluntarily report the transfer of ownership. Currently, only the buyer of the vehicle may report the transfer, and some scofflaw buyers never report, meaning their parking tickets, HOV-lane tolls, and even civil liability resulting from car accidents are billed to the former owner. If the previous owner reports the transfer to the department, the previous owner is not subject to liability for the misuse of the vehicle.

SB-18-073 now goes the House floor.


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