Hick Signs Primavera’s Bill to Protect Victims from Their Perpetrators

(May 29) – Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill Tuesday to fund the Address Confidentiality Program, which helps protect victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual offenses.

SB13-271, which was sponsored in the House by Rep. Dianne Primavera (D-Broomfield) and received unanimous support in the House, expands funding options for the Address Confidentiality Program. This successful program provides participating victims with a legal substitute mailing address so that their abusers can’t locate them through public records. The program is currently funded through a court surcharge on convicted domestic violence offenders, but demand for the program is expected to exceed current funding in the next few years.

“This program is key to helping victims escape their abusers and get back on their feet, and we should make funding these resources a priority,” Rep. Primavera said.

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