House Advances Bill to Increase Coverage for Critical Health Services

DENVER, CO– The House today advanced SB21-016 on a preliminary vote. The bill would require insurance plans to cover health services for sexually transmitted infections.

“The facts are clear, patients have better health outcomes when insurance covers health screenings and treatments, but we’re still seeing too many LGBTQ Coloradans face barriers when trying to access critical health services,” said Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo. “All Coloradans should have the opportunity to live healthy lives. Today, the House advanced my bill to ensure that everyone in Colorado has access to the health services, screenings or treatments they need for common conditions. 

“As a nurse, I’ve seen first hand how preventative health care and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, like cervical cancer, saves lives,” said Rep. Kyle Mullica, an ER Nurse. “It’s devastating to watch an illness progress that could have been caught by a simple screening or prevented with a vaccine. We can make those cases far more rare by improving coverage for life-saving treatments and screenings.”

SB21-016, which advanced on preliminary vote, is sponsored by Majority Leader Daneya Esgar and Representative Kyle Mullica, an ER nurse, and requires health plans to cover several critical preventative health services regardless of cost, such as osteoporosis screening, screenings for urinary conditions and sexually transmitted infection (STI) health care services, such as vaccinations for STIs. The bill would require coverage for diagnosis and treatment of STIs and contraceptive and family planning services. Importantly, it would reduce surprise billing for annual wellness visits by ensuring co-pay free coverage for STI testing and prevention, and closing gaps in family planning coverage.

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