House Backs Lee’s Business Development Program

(April 6) – The House gave voice-vote approval this morning to a bill extending a pilot program that is boosting Colorado small businesses and spurring job creation.

HB15-1002, sponsored by Rep. Pete Lee, D-Colorado Springs, extends the state’s “economic gardening” pilot program through the 2016-17 fiscal year. The program, launched by Rep. Lee in 2013, provides up to 100 hours of management and technical training and consultation to Colorado small businesses that can show they have significant growth potential.

Successfully launched in 40 other programs, and with 14 companies enrolled in the Colorado program so far, “economic gardening” has a track record of moving companies to the next level by helping them refine their business models, identify industry opportunities and utilize high-tech tools generally available only to Fortune 500 companies.

“This program has a track record of success,” Rep. Lee said. “Working through our state Office of Economic Development and International Trade and the Small Business Development Centers, we’re giving more Colorado businesses a shot at maximizing their potential.”

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