House Dem. Leader Pace Announces New Committee Assignments

August 11, 2011

DENVER – Today, House Democratic Leader Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) appointed the newest member of the General Assembly, Representative Dave Young (D-Greeley), to two House committees of reference.

Rep. Young will serve on the House Transportation Committee, and will also take former Representative Jim Riesberg’s place on the House Health and Environment Committee.  Rep. Young’s new role begins tomorrow, the first day the Transportation Legislative Review Committee meets this summer.

“Transportation and health and environment-related issues are of the utmost importance to this state.  My sister is developmentally disabled, so I know firsthand how vital the health and human services the state provides are to so many Coloradans.  And I believe transportation is a key to our state’s economic success and our ability to create jobs.  I look forward to being a part of the debate and to serving the people of Colorado on these two committees,” said Rep. Young.

“Rep. Young will be a valuable addition to both committees.  His personal and professional experience and passion for these two policy areas will greatly benefit the people of his district and of Colorado,” said House Democratic Leader Pace.

Former Rep. Riesberg previously served as chair of the House Health and Human Services Committee, and as ranking member of the newly named Health and Environment Committee this past legislative session.

Additionally, Rep. Pace assigned State Representative Deb Gardner (D-Longmont) to replace former Rep. Riesberg on the House Appropriations Committee, and named Representative John Kefalas (D-Fort Collins) as ranking member of the House Health and Environment Committee.

The full list of Minority Leader Pace’s changes to House committees of reference appears below:

· Representative Dave Young is assigned to the House Transportation and House Health     and Environment Committees, replacing former State Representative Jim Riesberg.

·  Representative Deb Gardner is removed from the House Transportation Committee and assigned to the House Appropriations Committee, replacing former Representative Jim Riesberg.

·  Representative John Kefalas replaces former Rep. Jim Riesberg as ranking member on the House and Environment Committee.

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