House Democratic Leadership Welcomes Political Workers Guild Announcement

DENVER, CO– Speaker Alec Garnett and Majority Leader Daneya Esgar today released the following statement following the announcement that Colorado Democratic legislative aides and campaign workers launched the Political Workers Guild, affiliated with CWA Local 37074.

“Our aides have tough jobs and do crucial work to keep our Capitol running smoothly so our state government can deliver for the people of Colorado,” said Speaker Alec Garnett, (D-Denver). “I welcome their announcement today; making sure our aides feel fulfilled and cared for in their jobs is good for the General Assembly and good for our state.”

“I am a fierce supporter of every Coloradans’ right to collectively bargain and fight for better pay and benefits,” said House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, (D-Pueblo). “I stand in solidarity with our hardworking aides and am proud of them for making their voices heard through the power of a union.”