House Democrats Defend Education

TLRC Rejects GOP Move to Monkey with Funding Formula

September 14, 2012

(Denver) – House Democrats today rejected accusations that their vote against a bill to adjust the funding formula for highway construction in Colorado was somehow designed to shortchange our transportation system.

Rep. Max Tyler (D-Lakewood) received unanimous support from the Transportation Legislation Review Committee to issue a letter to the Colorado Department of Transportation asking what assistance it needs to more quickly move development designs into shovel ready projects.

The TLRC did not give its endorsement to a bill put forth by Rep. Kevin Priola (R-Henderson) which would have tinkered with the current system of funding transportation in Colorado.

“We support Rep. Max Tyler’s initiative to help fund our roads and bridges, and create more jobs, by moving CDOT projects off the drawing board more quickly,” said Rep. Mark Ferrandino, leader of the House Democrats. “We do not support stealing more money from education.”

“We are not willing to cut our schools for an ill-conceived and incomplete transportation funding scheme,” said Rep. Millie Hamner (D-Dillon). “I will not pave over our kids.”

Additionally, Rep. Dave Young’s (D-Greeley) bill to remove the $15 fee for having the licensee’s military service noted on their drivers’ licenses and state IDs received unanimous approval from the TLRC.

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