House Dems Pass Equal Pay Day Resolution

(April 10) – House Democrats kicked off Equal Pay Day today by sponsoring a resolution calling on employers to implement equal-pay policies for their Colorado workers.

The average woman in America has to work from Jan. 1 to April 10 to earn the same amount of money by the end of the year as the average white male earns from now to Dec. 31 for doing the same work.

“In 2018, white women only receive 80 percent of what men earn for doing the exact same work,” Rep. Adrienne Benavidez told the House this morning. “African American women only earn 63 percent of what men earn for doing the same work. And sadly, Latinas like myself earn only 54 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing the same work. This is a sad statement about the persistence of discrimination, harassment, racism and the abuse of power in our workplaces.”

“I have one son and one daughter, and every night when I tell them that they can be anything and they can achieve anything and they can go anywhere, a little piece of me feels like I’m lying to my daughter,” Rep. Faith Winter told the House. “I know that she’s going to face barriers and discrimination and inherent bias that my son will not.”

HJR18-1017, sponsored by Reps. Benavidez, D-Adams County, and Winter, D-Westminster, asks nothing more than that the House “[u]rge governmental agencies, nonprofit and labor organizations, businesses and individuals to take steps to implement equal-pay policies to help close the pay gap for Colorado’s women and minorities.”

At a 1pm press conference in the West Foyer of the Capitol, House Democrats will be introducing two equal pay bills.

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