House Dems Respond After Mead Explosion

House Dems Respond After Mead Explosion


(May 26) – After the tragedy in Mead, Colorado, yesterday afternoon, Majority Leader KC Becker and Rep. Mike Foote issued the following statements:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this tragic explosion,” said Majority Leader Becker, D-Boulder. “This is the second deadly incident in a little over a month in this area of the state. These incidents are unacceptable to me, and they should be to all Coloradans. Every person who works for an oil and gas company and every family who lives in proximity to a drilling operation deserves to know they are safe at work and at home.”

“I am committed to working during the interim and through the next legislative session to ensure we are doing all we can to protect the health and safety of Coloradans. I encourage the industry to work with the COGCC and the governor’s administration to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to safeguard workplaces and communities from dangerous incidents happening in the near future. I also call all appellants to reconsider their appeal of the Martinez lawsuit. Further, I will be working with my colleagues over the interim on a legislative response to ensure the long-term safety of all Coloradans.”

“I am saddened by this terrible accident, and my thoughts are with the victims and families involved,” said Rep. Foote, D-Lafayette. “This being the second such deadly incident in just over a month—and the third incident including a recent drilling site fire near Greeley during that time span—it is clear to me that we need to take more steps to protect the life, health and safety of all Coloradans who work in the industry, and who live close to industrial sites.

“Both the industry and policymakers of all political stripes have an obligation to treat these incidents not as isolated or freak accidents, but as indicators that we must do more now—we must take real, concrete steps—for Coloradans to have confidence that deadly explosions and fires won’t occur in the future. We can’t just bury our heads and pretend there aren’t issues that need to be addressed.”

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