House Leaders Urge Sen. Gardner to Vote No on Kavanaugh

Call Follows Courageous Testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

(Sept. 28) – Speaker Crisanta Duran and Majority Leader KC Becker released a statement today after the all-male Republican panel of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move forward with the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Boulder resident Deborah Ramirez recently came forward with serious allegations of sexual misconduct perpetrated against them by President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh testified before the Judiciary Committee yesterday. The Senate could vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination as early as this weekend, according to reports.  

“Doctor Blasey Ford and Ms. Ramirez bravely stepped forward to tell their stories. This is what courage looks like. A vote for Brett Kavanaugh is a vote against victims,” said Speaker Duran, D-Denver. “This isn’t about politics, it’s about sending a message to survivors, to women and to the next generation that their voices will be heard and the nominee process should be halted until there is an investigation. Kavanaugh is not the justice Coloradans deserve.”

This historic confirmation process has been marred from the beginning by incomplete and insufficient document releases, and by concerns that Kavanaugh’s ideology is far out of step with the majority of Coloradans and Americans.

“I believe Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez and I admire their immense bravery in coming forward,” said Majority Leader KC Becker, D-Boulder. “It is incomprehensible to imagine Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court. Senator Gardner should do the right thing by voting no on this nomination. Coloradans are watching.”

Julie Swetnick has also alleged sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh. In July, Duran and Becker urged Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Bennet to oppose the nomination. Unfortunately, Senator Gardner has shown support for Kavanaugh’s nomination, stating that he thinks Kavanaugh “will make an incredible Supreme Court Justice,” and has shown no indication of changing his decision in light of these allegations.

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