House OKs Foote’s Crackdown on Hash Oil Operations

(April 21) – Rep. Mike Foote’s bill to halt home hash oil production won broadly bipartisan House support this morning.

HB15-1305, sponsored by Reps. Foote, D-Lafayette, and Yeulin Willett, R-Grand Junction, would prohibit the use of explosive or highly flammable substances in the unlicensed manufacture of hash oil, a marijuana concentrate. The bill makes it a level 2 drug felony for an unlicensed person to manufacture marijuana concentrate or permit its manufacture using an inherently hazardous substance.

Dozens of explosions and injuries have been caused by home hash oil manufacturing operations, which typically use butane to extract THC, the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana, from the leafy plant.

“Coloradans voted for Amendment 64, which legalized the safe possession and consumption of marijuana,” Rep. Foote said. “Home butane hash oil extraction operations are clearly unsafe. We can’t have people blowing up their houses and endangering themselves and their neighbors.”

The House agreed, voting 62-1 to send the bill to the Senate.

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