House OKs Gun Safety Package

(Feb. 15) – Two more Democratic bills intended to reduce gun violence in Colorado received preliminary approval by the House of Representatives tonight.

HB13-1228, sponsored by Rep. Lois Court (D-Denver), ends an existing state subsidy and could reduce wait times by requiring gun purchasers to pay for their own background checks from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation — a cost of about $10.

HB13-1226, by Rep. Claire Levy (D-Boulder), clarifies that concealed carry of firearms is prohibited in buildings on college campuses in Colorado, including stadiums and arenas.

Voice-vote second-reading passage of the two bills came after similar approval of bills to close a big loophole in Colorado’s system of background checks for gun purchasers, and to ban the sale, purchase or transfer of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 15 bullets or eight shotgun shells.

The House completed its work in just less than 12 hours of debate.

“We had a full and fair debate, which is exactly how the process is supposed to work,” Speaker Mark Ferrandino said after it was over. “Opinions were sharply divided, but we got our work done, and I thank members on both sides of the aisle.”

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