House Passes Arndt’s Bill Implementing CO Water Plan

(March 5) – The House gave strongly bipartisan support today to Rep. Jeni Arndt’s bill to reuse water that isn’t quite ready for prime time.

HB18-1093, sponsored by Rep. Arndt, D-Fort Collins, adds food crop irrigation as an allowable use for reclaimed water, which is defined as wastewater that has been treated for subsequent reuse. Reclaimed water is clean enough to have met the state’s 1987 potability standard, but falls short of the current drinking water standard. The bill would apply mostly to community gardens.

“Reclaimed water is completely safe for use on crops,” Rep. Arndt said. “Every gallon of water we reuse gets us closer to the Colorado Water Plan’s goal of reducing Colorado’s municipal water demand by 400,000 acre-feet by 2050.”

Rep. Arndt is the sponsor of four bills this session focusing on the reuse of reclaimed water, one of the key conservation components of the Colorado Water Plan, the 2015 document that is the first-ever comprehensive effort to manage the state’s most precious natural resource.

HB18-1093 passed the House on a 58-5 vote and is headed to the state Senate.


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