House Passes Bill to Increase Government Transparency

The House today unanimously passed HB20-1039, which would increase government transparency by creating a web portal that allows the public to search for information about state agency rulemaking. 

“We’ve heard from constituents that it needs to be easier for them to find information about the rules that state agencies are working on,” said bill sponsor Rep. Coleman, D-Denver. “This website will help ensure that state agencies are being as transparent as possible about the work they’re doing.” 

HB20-1039 would require “rulemaking agencies” to post several types of notifications regarding lawmaking proceedings on an easily searchable website and mobile app. Additionally, the bill would create an online transparency task force to recommend ways to enhance access to and transparency of this information. 

Lawmakers have heard from constituents, businesses and other groups that it can be difficult to find the information they need on state websites, especially concerning the rules that state agencies are working on. This bill would centralize all that information in one, easy to search, web portal. This bipartisan bill is also sponsored by Rep. Mark Baisely, R-Roxborough Park.