House Passes Buckner Bill to Cut High Rx Costs

(April 5) – The Drug Costs Savings Act, Rep. Janet Buckner’s bill to increase cost transparency around prescription drugs, passed the House today with strong bipartisan support.

HB18-1284, part of the House Democrats’ agenda to control health care costs and protect consumers, allows a pharmacist to disclose a customer’s share of the cost of a prescription drug and the availability and effectiveness of any more affordable alternative drugs. Network pharmacy benefit managers often forbid such disclosures.

“This is going to reduce health care costs for thousands of Coloradans,” said Rep. Buckner, D-Aurora. “This bill will help make sure that the consumer gets the most affordable price available.”

The bill, also sponsored by Rep. Jim Wilson, R-Salida, makes sure the consumer never pays more in a copayment than the cost of the drug itself. (Yes, it happens.)

HB18-1284 passed the House 57-5 and is headed to the state Senate.

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