Hullinghorst: Air Quality Framework ‘a Bold Step’

(Nov. 18) – House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst released the following statement this afternoon after an announcement by Gov. John Hickenlooper, the Environmental Defense Fund and key oil and gas operators that they had agreed to support a framework for new statewide regulations to limit the release into the atmosphere of methane and other hydrocarbon gases.

“I applaud Governor Hickenlooper, the Environmental Defense Fund, and key oil and gas operators for demonstrating that industry and conservation interests can come together to make progress on tough issues,” said Majority Leader Hullinghorst (D-Boulder), who has been a leading voice in the legislature for measures to protect Coloradans’ clean air and water. “I’m encouraged by the framework they have developed for new, forward-looking air quality rules which, if adopted in February, will ensure Colorado takes a bold step toward reducing ozone and climate pollution from the oil and gas sector. The governor’s leadership in this effort has been and will continue to be critical to its success.

“Colorado’s air quality and climate are extremely important to me, my fellow legislators, our constituents and all Coloradans,” Majority Leader Hullinghorst continued. “We all expect and deserve clean, healthy air to breathe, no matter where we live. It is critical that these proposed rules are adopted in February. Colorado has an opportunity to truly set the bar for the country on this issue, and my colleagues in the General Assembly and I will be following the process carefully to ensure that the strongest possible statewide air quality standards are ultimately adopted through the upcoming rulemaking at the Air Quality Control Commission.”

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