Hullinghorst Denounces Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric

(June 8) – Responding to ongoing racist rhetoric from Donald Trump, Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, D-Boulder, issued the following statement:

“As Speaker of the House, I believe I have a duty to my constituents and the people of Colorado to speak out and condemn the bigotry and hate that we have heard from Donald Trump. I cannot sit idly by as I hear him continue to use fear to divide our country. Such blatant racism as was evident in his recent remarks about Judge Curiel cannot be tolerated in a democracy like the United States of America.

“We live in a country where people dedicate their lives to protecting the basic rights and freedoms that were first outlined by our founding fathers. The kind of shameful fearmongering we are hearing from Trump goes against the very principles our heroes are fighting for.

“His racist, sexist and offensive remarks stand in stark contrast to the conversation we should be having with the American people to embrace diversity, break down barriers and move our country forward.

“This country needs uniting, not dividing.

It is a shame that our nation will continue to be subjected to the rhetoric of Donald Trump, but I am confident that the American people will stand together and reject the fear and hate that seek to divide us.”

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