“I Stand With the Steelworkers”

(March 2) – Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo, expressed her sincere disappointment that EVRAZ has announced it will shut down its seamless pipe unit at its Pueblo steel mill, resulting in a loss of 70 jobs.
“Steelworkers built Pueblo and I owe everything to this town, so I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of 70 more jobs,” said Rep. Esgar. “Both of my grandfathers were steelworkers, and that foundation was what allowed my family to have a good life here in Pueblo. I stand with the steelworkers here and in Colorado and will continue to fight for better jobs, better education, and policies at the state house that work for all families. I will redouble my efforts to strengthen our workforce and retrain workers for other good-paying jobs.”
Rep. Esgar is sponsoring several bills this session that are part of a bipartisan workforce development package—Colorado Ready to Work—designed to revitalize the economy and provide support for employees to gain marketable skills. HB16-1290, ReHire Colorado, extends a successful job training program. ReHire helps Coloradans find gainful employment and transition off of government assistance. The program helps the economic recovery reach the Coloradans who need it most, focusing on helping veterans, seniors and non-custodial parents secure long-term employment.
Another bill by Rep. Esgar, Incentives for Student Success, HB16-1289, creates a pilot program to provide school districts a $1,000 bonus for each high school student who 1) earns an industry certification tied to an in-demand job, 2) finishes a rigorous workplace training program tied to key industry needs, or 3) successfully completes a Computer Science AP course. After another state adopted a similar incentive program, the number of students earning industry certifications each year rose from 800 to 45,000 in just five years, with some of the biggest gains for underserved groups like rural students, minorities and students living in poverty.

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