ICYMI: House Committee Approves Cutter-Weissman Bill to Expand Disclosure of Funding in Campaigns

Mystery money flooding political campaigns

(Mar. 1) — A bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Weissman, D-Aurora, and Rep. Lisa Cutter, D-Jefferson County, that would require expanded disclosure of funding behind campaign communications passed the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee yesterday.

“I was excited to support this bill because I’ve been in public relations and communications for twenty-five years, and an advocate for fair and ethical communications” said Rep. Cutter. “Healthy democracy depends on transparency, so let’s do everything we can to create an informed electorate.”

SB19-068 would require  listing the name of any person or entity that spends more than $1000 per year on electioneering communications on the communication itself, be it a television ad, mailer, or a distributed flyer. It would also increase transparency and accountability in elections by including electioneering communications that occur at any point between the primary and general election.

“Voters are too often bombarded by political advertisements during elections from unnamed sources, making it difficult for voters of all persuasions to properly weigh the issues,” said Rep. Weissman. “Putting stronger disclosure laws on the books would allow Colordans to have all the proper facts when they fill out their ballots.”

The bill passed committee with a 6-3 vote and now heads to the House floor. More information on SB19-068 can be found here.

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