Independent Bankers Honor Pabon

(Sept. 23) – Assistant Majority Leader Dan Pabon (D-Denver) is the 2014 recipient of the Spirit of Independence award from the Independent Bankers of Colorado.

The group said winners of the award “engage actively in discussions with all stakeholders to enact balanced legislation.” The award was announced today at an Independent Bankers meeting in Vail and will be presented in Denver on Oct. 31.

“The key to successful policy is the broadest possible stakeholder dialogue,” Rep. Pabon said. “I’m honored to be recognized for doing my homework when it comes to assembling support for proposed legislation.”

“Assistant Majority Leader Pabon shows thoughtfulness in his decision making at the State Capitol,” the Independent Bankers’ director, Barbara Walker, said in a release. “He works with both sides of the aisle to forge a path to achieve sound laws that serve the diverse needs of Colorado and its people.”

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