Independent Bankers Honor Williams

(Oct. 24) – Rep. Angela Williams (D-Denver), chairwoman of the House Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development Committee, is the 2013 recipient of the Spirit of Independence award from the Independent Bankers of Colorado.

The group said winners of the award “stand firmly in the face of opposition from their own political party and special interest groups to represent the interests of their constituents and ensure sound public policy is achieved at the Capitol.”

“Representative Williams effectively facilitated a conversation between the interests of business and consumers,” said Barbara Walker, executive director of the group, which advocates for the community banking industry in Colorado. The award is being presented today.

“I wouldn’t characterize my work as facing opposition from my own party,” Rep. Williams said. “But I consider it an important part of my job to bring consumers and businesses together, and I appreciate the recognition that I was able to build these bridges.”


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