JOINT RELEASE: President Fenberg, Representatives Amabile, Hooton and Gray Commemorate the One Year Anniversary of the King Soopers Shooting

BOULDER, CO – Boulder legislators Senate President Steve Fenberg, Representative Judy Amabile, Representative Edie Hooton, and Representative Matt Gray today released a joint statement commemorating the one year anniversary of the King Soopers shooting: 

“One year ago, the Boulder community suffered a devastating tragedy when a gunman brutally cut short ten innocent lives. Today, our hearts remain heavy for the families of the victims, and for the entire Boulder community. But faced with tragedy, our community has emerged stronger and more resilient than before. We have been profoundly moved by the myriad ways Boulder County has come together to honor the victims of this tragedy and support their families and one another. As we continue to heal, each of us must recommit ourselves in our service to Boulder and Colorado while continuing our work to protect our neighbors and build a stronger, safer community for us all.”

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