Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence

(April 30) – The House gave final passage today to Rep. Matt Gray’s bill to give domestic violence victims more time to decide whether to file civil lawsuits against their perpetrators.

For adult victims of domestic violence who wish to bring a civil suit against their abusers, the statute of limitations is only one year, which is often not enough time for some victims to recover from their injuries or assess their economic impact. Many criminal proceedings in such cases aren’t done within a year.

HB18-1398, sponsored by Rep. Gray, D-Broomfield, with Rep Cole Wist, R-Centennial, would raise the statute of limitations in such cases to six years.

“A one-year statute of limitations doesn’t give victims enough time to make decisions in complicated, distressing cases that are still unfolding.” Rep. Gray said. “This bill gives victims the time to recover and let their criminal cases proceed while still protecting their rights.”

The House voted 55-8 today to send HB18-1398 to the state Senate.

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