Keeping a Hot Market From Burning Tenants

(April 12) – A bill to give Colorado renters some protection from the pressures of a hot real estate market passed the House Local Affairs Committee today.

SB17-245, sponsored in the House by Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver, gives a tenant in a month-to-month rental the right to 21 days’ notice if a landlord decides to terminate or impose a rent increase. Under current law, only seven days’ notice is required.

“When faced with termination or a rent increase you can’t afford, seven days – and even three weeks – is not very long to find a new place and move your family and all your belongings,” Rep. Pabon said. “This is a very modest approach.”

Forty-seven other states require more notice than seven days.

A representative of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless testified that short-notice terminations often result in homelessness, with its many dire consequences. Also testifying in favor of the bill were the Colorado Center on Law & Policy, the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Colorado Senior Lobby, the Denver Regional Council of Governments and AARP. No one testified in opposition.

The bill would work both ways – landlords would be protected from tenants who leave so quickly that the landlord doesn’t have time advertise for a new tenant. And the bill would not affect Colorado’s eviction process.

SB17-245 is headed to the House floor on a bipartisan 9-4 vote.


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