Keeping Track of Criminals

(April 10) – A bill that will continue the Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) system passed the House on second reading today.

In 2007, the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance provided a grant to create the VINE system, which allows crime victims to obtain free information on the custody status of inmates in county jails. While this grant covered the creation of the program, it does not cover the ongoing costs.

HB13-1241, sponsored by Reps. Rhonda Fields (D-Denver) and Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs), allows a general fund appropriation to operate the VINE system. The county sheriffs of Colorado, under the supervision of the Department of Public Safety, will operate the system.

“This is about prioritizing and protecting victims of crime,” Rep. Fields said. “Providing victims with this information will empower them, help keep them safe and help their state of mind.”

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