Kraft-Tharp Bill to Improve Health Care Passes House

(Feb. 4) – A bill to improve and expand the information provided to the All Payer Claims Database passed the House today on a vote of 43 to 21.

HB13-1015, sponsored by Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D-Arvada), will bring consistency to Colorado’s insurance statutes by allowing small-group insurance submissions to the All Payer Claims Database. Right now, the database is missing an important segment of data, the small business claims, because of a dated Colorado statute restricting the sharing of mental health claims data for all types of commercial insurance.

Rep. Kraft-Tharp said currently the statute treats claims for mental health differently than claims for physical health.

“The Colorado mental health community has been fighting hard to ensure mental health is treated the same as physical health,” Rep. Kraft Tharp said. “This program helps us understand where our health care dollars are going, and will help ensure that mental health is treated the same as physical health.”

The All Payer Claims Database is a secure, encrypted database of claims data from commercial health plans, Medicare and Medicaid to allow patients and employer purchasers to compare costs and quality among providers. This will enable them to make informed decisions about where to get their care, and to help providers gauge their costs and outcomes compared to their peers.

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