Kraft-Tharp Helping Coloradans to Rebuild

(April 25) – A bill by Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp to help victims of domestic violence, people impacted by a natural disaster and the elderly regain necessary documents such as social security cards and driver’s licenses earned final approval from the House this morning with a 39-26 vote.

“This bill supports people who are starting from scratch to rebuild their lives,” said Rep. Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada. “Someone who has escaped domestic violence or lost everything in a fire, flood, or other natural disaster deserves our help to regain the basic documents necessary to rebuild.”

HB16-1386 helps reimburse Colorado residents who are victims of domestic violence, impacted by a natural disaster, low-income, disabled, homeless, or elderly for the fees to acquire a necessary document. Necessary documents include Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, identification cards, or vital statistics reports (such as a birth, death, or marriage certificates).

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