Lawmakers Testify on Power Plant Pollution Proposals

(July 29) – Rep. Max Tyler (D-Lakewood) and Sen. Matt Jones (D-Louisville) are testifying today at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s public hearing in Denver on the Clean Power Plan, which would reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.

Colorado became a leader in cutting carbon pollution in 2004, when voters required energy producers to incorporate renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into their portfolios. The legislature last expanded the Renewable Energy Standard in 2013.

“Because Colorado is already a national leader in renewable energy, we are well positioned to implement the Clean Power Plan,” said Rep. Tyler, chairman of the House Transportation & Energy Committee. “The progress we’ve already made has given us a stronger economy and cleaner air. The new EPA proposal will bring more of these benefits to Colorado and the rest of the nation.”

“While Colorado has done a good job expanding energy conservation and renewable energy, given the huge problems we are facing, I think we should take it even further,” said Sen. Jones, vice chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy Committee. “Opponents of the proposal will focus on the cost, but given the devastating drought and wildfires our state has recently experienced, the enormous costs to rebuild roads and other infrastructure, and the lives lost, we can’t afford not to address this problem.”

Colorado will develop its own plan for meeting the state-specific goals set out in the Clean Power Plan, to be submitted to the EPA by June 2016.

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