Legislative Workplace Interim Study Committee Issues Recommendations

Executive Committee to Review Recommendations at a Later Date

(Oct. 19) – The Legislative Workplace Interim Study Committee held its final hearing on October 11th and approved a set of recommendations outlining a new process for handling workplace harassment complaints and improving workplace culture at the Capitol. The hearing focused on reviewing the recommendations the committee had worked on over the past few months and discussing areas of consensus and disagreement. Non-partisan staff released the final recommendations today. The recommendations can be found here.

“We came into this process with the goal of removing the perception that politics could get in the way of a just outcome, protecting victim confidentiality, and ensuring a clearer, fairer process for all,” said Speaker Duran, D-Denver, who chaired the committee. “I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish thus far through the bipartisan committee, and I hope the General Assembly will take action swiftly next session to make the necessary changes.”

The committee recommendations outline the structure of a new process for handling workplace issues and building a more robust system for improving the culture, including establishing an Office of Legislative Workplace Relations, formalizing training requirements for legislators and employees, and creating a “workplace expectations” policy with guidelines and aspirational goals for all that work at the Capitol.

“The policies this committee has put forward will make the workplace capitol more friendly and transparent and are clearly going to make a difference,” Rep. Faith Winter, D-Westminster. “One of our key goals was to build a better process so that victims feel more comfortable coming forward and that any issues can be addressed earlier, so we can avoid more serious problems. I will continue working to ensure that the people’s house is a harassment free workplace.”

“Our process was broken and the work my colleagues and I did will take us a step in the right direction,” said Sen. Dominick Moreno, D-Commerce City. “I hope the members of our Executive Committee will be able to present our full chamber with a policy that works.”

The executive committee will meet at a later date to consider the committee’s recommendations, and if approved, some of the changes will be able to be implemented immediately while others will have to be considered by the full General Assembly during the next session. More information about the committee and the hearings can be found here.

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