McLachlan Bill to Expand Opportunities within CBI Passes House 

(Feb. 5) – A bill to broaden the applicant pool for leadership positions within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation passed the House today by a vote of 41 to 22.

HB13-1076, sponsored by Rep. Mike McLachlan (D-Durango), clarifies that the directors, assistant and deputy directors of the CBI are peace officers and may be certified by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, or POST-certified. Current legislation states that they shall be certified.

Rep. McLachlan brought this legislation at the recommendation of the current CBI Director and Department.

“This bill will ensure candidates with diverse public safety backgrounds are eligible to contribute their skills and expertise to the organization,” Rep. McLachlan said.

This statutory change will broaden the applicant pool for all director positions by allowing qualified candidates who may not currently be Colorado POST-certified to be eligible for leadership positions within the CBI.

Ron Sloan, Director of CBI, testified last week that the current statute was well intentioned but it has had the effect of significantly narrowing the recruitment capabilities and opportunities for a large section of peace officers for job enhancement, even though otherwise qualified.

“This change will expand opportunities for those already employed by the State of Colorado and expand opportunities for the agency to attract highly-qualified people without diminishing the quality of the directors,” Rep. McLachlan said.

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