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Rep. Alex Valdez


Alex Valdez was born and raised in the Denver Metro area and represents HD 5. He serves on the Energy and Environment Committee and the Transportation and Local Government Committee. He was also elected by the first term House Democrats to serve as the First-Year Representative to Leadership, which will serve as a liaison from the first-term members of the caucus to the rest of the caucus leadership team.

He attended CU Boulder after high school. After the recession hit, he started up a solar business with a grassroots campaign out of a co-working space in the River North Art District (RiNo). Today, his hard work has helped that company flourish into one of Colorado’s largest solar companies.

Rep. Valdez’s call to service started at a young age. In high school he was a crusader for animal shelters, working to help them raise money for food and resources. Alex’s love of animals continues today.

As a young adult, Rep. Valdez found his calling in the Democratic Party. He is a lifelong Democrat and proud to be part of a party that is inclusive of his values as an LGBTQ person of color and a believer in equal rights for all.

After moving to HD5 in 2002, Alex started his service to the Party as a Precinct Committee Person and later a Captain for House District 5.

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