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Rep. Bri Buentello


Representative Bri Buentello is a First-Year Legislator representing Colorado House District 47 which covers all of Otero County and parts of Fremont and Pueblo Counties. Rep. Buentello serves as the Vice-Chair of the Education Committee and on the Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee.

As a former special education teacher at Pueblo's East High School, Rep. Buentello saw every day the challenges her community faces. The classrooms have no air conditioning during 100 degree summers and no heat in the winter. The textbooks are missing pages, if not chapters. Most of the students are on free and reduced lunch. Raised by two Marines, Rep. Buentello was taught that hard work, dedication, and speaking up for those who cannot is the expectation, so she laced up her boots and ran for office.

Rep. Buentello has a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Northern Michigan University and is currently still pursuing her masters at Fort Hayes State University.

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