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Rep. Jeni Arndt


Jeni Arndt represents House District 53, which includes the western half of Fort Collins. She is sits on the Business Affairs & Labor Committee and the Rural Affairs Committee. She also serves as Co-Chair of the National Agriculture Task force

Rep. Arndt’s specialty is water law, the all-important discipline that promotes the conservation, protects the purity and regulates the fair distribution of Colorado’s most precious natural resource. During her three legislative sessions she has taken a leading role in implementing the Colorado Water Plan, the state’s first comprehensive effort to set water policy. She is vice chairwoman of the Agriculture and Water Committee for the Council of State Governments—West.

Rep. Arndt has been a congressional intern, ESL teacher, Peace Corps volunteer, special education teacher, middle school principal, school board member, International Baccalaureate coordinator, university faculty member and department head.

She holds a Ph.D. in literacy and language from Purdue University in Indiana, master’s degrees from the University of Colorado and Purdue and an undergraduate degree from Colorado College. A lifelong learner, she’s currently studying for an MBA at Colorado State University.

Rep. Arndt, her husband, Channing, and their three children, Abby, Henry and Mason, live on West Mulberry Street, three blocks from where she grew up.

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